Friday, 2 September 2011

Dream flowers in Craft Stamper Magazine

And just when I'm starting to catch up with uploading my art to this blog I'm caught out by the arrival of the latest issue (October 2011) of the Craft Stamper magazine in which my article and project called Dream Flowers is published (page 74). The magazine is very strict about what you can publish on your blog about the projects you write for them so if you want to see it in full there is only one option: buy the magazine. This does not just give you my article but I'm pleased to say this entire issue is a fabric special and you will also get a wonderful star stamp (see the picture below) although sadly not if you live outside the U.K.

I'm able to show you one item which is not the main project but an extra which you can only find online at the Craft Stamper whereas two other projects are in the magazine itself together with full instructions of how to make them! This is the fabric postcard shown at the top. As always I love the way the article has been laid out and photographed. This magazine always does such a good job with the styling etc.

I know it's pure coincidence or maybe another example of wonderful synchronicity but I love the fact that the stamp this month is a star, which is a symbol beloved of my wonderful friend, Lenna Andrews. She even used it for her wedding. How great is that??!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

awww, Frieda. I thought the same thing -a star! (beloved by me)
I have seen this publication before -though not this issue, when perhaps you sent me a copy? If I remember correctly they do a great job.

Your postcard is so soft and beautiful, the sentiment perfect and the beading divine!
xoo lenna

Lenna Young Andrews said...

ha! I successfully ordered a copy with your article in it!! (They have a USA office in Illinois! : )))


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