Friday, 16 September 2011

Emerald Spread

Finally I feel time has become a commodity that's being gifted to me by the universe. And I do really need it as in my mind at least I haven't actually done a lot of art lately. It has all been a huge amount of fun, beading classes, away days, enjoying our new summer house, but even so not making art doesn't make me a happy bunny.

So today I sat done with my latest quilt and spend the whole afternoon (apart from a dog walk) beading, while this morning I made the above spread in my Sketchbook. This is the sketchbook we were given for the Sketchbook Project 2012 and mine is dedicated to the theme: Monochromatic.

Within that framework I will be dedicating each spread to another colour and if you want to see my previous pages you just have to click on the Sketchbook Project label below. And you can find my Sketchbook 2011 online here.

The coloured squares are a feature for every spread and were done with watercolour pencils. A fact that slipped from my mind as I was adding colour to the left hand page where I used my latest buy, a Gelato. No, not one you can eat, this is much better than that (I'm not a lover of ice-cream anyway!). They are smooth sticks of colour, in fact you could easily confuse them with lip gloss. And you use water to smooth them out. This water addition also made the squares on the other side of the page run slightly as silly me forgot the watercolour characteristic of the pencils!

I'll have to sort that out when I come to that page. You can see what I've done on the picture. It's a very simply layout but it just didn't need anything else to my mind.


Trudi Sissons said...

Beautiful emerald - lovely pages - I enjoy my visits to your blog Frieda in particular for the mouth watering colors you combine - this one is but another example. If I didn't have my art daily, I'd shrivel up and die I'm certain! It is almost as critical to me as having air to breathe. Love your grave yard photographs and I share with you a passion for tombstones.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I am sure you will sort it out just fine, frieda . . . and you know it seems to me you have been quite busy making art! But I know you are sometimes uploading things you made a number of days back, glad you feel like you have a little more time now and I am glad to hear you are working on your latest quilt. That must have felt good! Thank you for all you emails and comments, like a big hug for me ; ) xo

Gillian Cooper said...

I love the colours of this one Frieda - makes me think of a summer's day by the sea (in another country than Scotland!)


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