Saturday, 17 September 2011

Painted Paper

It sometimes seems to me that I make art in reverse. I started by dying and then painting on fabric, because that's the medium I use mostly for my artwork, but as I'm getting more and more interested in collage I have taken the revolutionary step of also painting on paper! This is where most artists start. As I have a huge collection of fabric paints this is what I mostly use on paper too (there really is no reason why not) but I do augment that with acrylic paint, specially the Golden liquid acrylics. I also love the Mica sprays, which give the work a great sheen, although sadly you loose much of that on the scan or photograph.

I'm probably going to make collages for the 14th Collage Exchange and have started to paint a large collection of watercolour paper to use in my pieces. I didn't paint all these pages today (in fact I didn't paint any pages today) but over the past month or so. They were left to dry in my painting studio ( that's my half of John's shed!) and I collected and ironed them flat this afternoon.

The one above is my favourite to date and that one might well stay in one piece for the moment as a little treasure to be saved for that extra special occasion. Actually that means I'll rediscover it some time in the future in a file folder! But to get over that precious feeling I'm now photographing or scanning such pages so that I can use the resulting digital files to print it out again on any medium I fancy, either fabric, paper or a transparency.

Here are some more:

The circular pattern on this sheet comes from a cone of sewing thread. I was about to throw it in the bin when I spotted it's potential on the bottom. It makes the two lines at the same time. The centre gold dot comes from the end of a pencil.

The numbers you can just about see are from an commercial mask but the large dots come from sequin waste (also known as punchinella) and the smaller dotty pattern from a strip of paper I punched with edge design punches.

This one uses a commercial mask to make the pattern seen on the right but I also used some ribbled packing paper to make the stripy texture you can see middle bottom. I love using things I find in the house as well as " official" art supplies. It somehow makes the work more your own.

I'm an extremely messy worker (which will be no surprise to those of you who know me!) but I do my level best not to dirty up my actual art work and to that purpose I use baby wipes (love the Huggies ones specially). I use them to wipe my hands occasionally (yes, I know I should wear gloves but I simply can't), clean my rubberstamps, wipe off any masks I've used, etc. You name it, I will probably do it with a baby wipe. And sometimes those baby wipes become unintentionally wonderful colour surprises. They do have that pattern already on them (different ones for different brands) but for me that just adds to the attraction. They are also 2-ply so by separating them you get 2 for the price of one! Always a good thing.

This last one is also a baby wipe that was used as a wipe cloth and it has become my favourite one so far. Simply letting it develop by wiping your hands, brush, rubbing over your paper and cleaning your stamps can produce the most beautiful end result. By photographing it I know I can use it again even if I cut the original into pieces to collage with.


arts4all said...

The baby wipes one is my favorite too, and I thought so even before I'd read the explanation!

The photo you also used for your blip is the next - so bright and cheery and I like the angles.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Wonderful, Frieda. I love to see you playing with abandon like that! It is hard to choose a favorite but I really like the pattern the spools made. xoxox

Helen Cowans said...

love the backgrounds. baby wipes are my best friend in a shed with no running water!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

I am re-visiting this, directed from your other post and I am in love with all this painting and splashing still! You go girl!! What lovely pieces you have to work with. Are you doing the 14th annual collage exchange/exhibit??


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