Thursday, 10 November 2011

Published in Popular Patchwork

Yet again my life moves too fast for my blog to keep pace. So I will space out my posts and try not to be too active till I've more or less caught up. A few days steady working in the studio is just what I need in any case!

I went to Skirling graveyard today but will report about my visit later, although you can see a picture on the Blipfoto site today.

The highlight of the week however arrived in the post yesterday in the shape of the latest edition (December 2011) of the Popular Patchwork magazine in which you can find a report on my colour - quilts - colour exhibition in Peebles, written by Gillian Cooper. It's very rewarding to discover that someone really understands what it is you're trying to achieve in your art and Gillian is without a doubt such a person. She has seen and written about my work before and when we met up during the exhibition it seemed that we were just chatting merrily away about all kinds of things. But Gillian proved to be an excellent journalist and absorbed it all as became clear when I read the article.

A big THANK YOU is due to her as well as to the Purely Patchwork Magazine. I truely appreciate what they've done for me!

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

This article looks so wonderful Frieda, from what I can read. Wow! You have done it again, Congratulations!!!!!!!! So awesome. xoxo


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