Monday, 7 November 2011

Frosty days at Macbiehill

It was an amazingly beautiful day. The sun was in the sky, although quite low now this time of the year, but it was also perishingly cold. For the first time I wore my pink hat and my gloves. But walking the dogs along the old railway line first thing was a real delight. As you can see the frost was still on the ground where the sun hadn't reached yet, while the rest of the path was bathing in light.

The highlight of the day was my encounter with not just one, or two, but three deer this morning during the dog walk. I know they're hard to spot on the picture above (near the tree line) and needless to say I didn't have my telephoto lens on the camera, just the standard one. They seemed pretty undisturbed by my (or the dogs)'s presence and carried on grazing to their heart's content. I didn't make it my blip for today (that honour went to the picture at the top) as photographically speaking it's very far from a masterpiece, but it was the picture closest to my heart today so I decided to share it here.

1 comment:

Lenna Young Andrews said...

even though you did not have your telephoto lens on I can still see them and they are marvelous!!!!


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