Monday, 12 December 2011

I have it here in black and white

I have already signed up (and received my sketchbook) for the latest project organized by the Brooklyn Art Library i.e. Sketchbook The Limited Edition. You can too! There is a maximum of 5000 participants for this one and a book will be published including at least one page from every participant. I have chosen the Threads and Surface theme (I'm sure you won't be surprised by that choice!)

But the arrival of the next sketchbook reminded me to get on with the previous one i.e the 2012 Sketchbook. I had already partly finished most of the spreads in this one but I like to let them sit for awhile to stew and then look at the pages again just in case I want to add more. But it's now time to make up my mind, call them finished and get on with shipping it back to New York. So you will be seeing quite a few of the spreads (all those I haven't yet shown you) here in short succession. Don't think I made them all at once, I'm just not that organized!

This is the first spread in the sketchbook and incorporated the back of the front cover on the left. The small text in the top right hand corner is also the title (of this post too!) and I used a variety of stamps (both rubber and postage). All my spreads have that arrangement of the coloured squares, made with watercolour pencils. My theme for this entire sketchbook is Monochromatic but that hasn't stopped me from using different monochromatic colour schemes on each page so that the sketchbook as a whole ended up looking very colourful.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

I love that chandelier image! Mmm, looking forward to seeing more of your page spreads. I am working diligently on my 2012 sketchbook too, same reason as you!


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