Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Perfect Pinks

I'm not as pleased with all my pages as I am with some of them. Only natural, I suppose, as I love some colours a lot more than others. And although I was never a very pink sort of girl, I have to admit to becoming converted to the perfection of pink.

This spread is for the 2012 Sketchbook Project, now closed, and as you'll probably have gathered by now my theme is Monochromatic, but using a different colour to be monochromatic with on every spread. On the right my usual (for this sketchbook) arrangement of the watercoloured squares and for the rest I've used my own photographs taken this summer in a variety of sizes as well as some of my flower stamps, coloured in with my ever-increasing collection of markers. The text on the left-hand page reads: I am the very pink of courtesy and on the right the text refers to the pink of perfection. I used individual stamps for the letters and coloured them in with a sparkly marker (sadly the effect is mostly lost on the scan!). This page brings back memories of the summer, during these dark, cold and icy winter days.

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