Monday, 19 December 2011

Presbyterian true blue

Another blue spread in my monochromatic themed 2012 Sketchbook. This particular project is now closed for sign-ups but there is a new Limited Edition sketchbook project. You can read all about it and sign up here.

On the right hand side of this spread the by now familiar watercoloured squares used on all my spreads in this sketchbook, adorned with paint sample card and a photograph I took way back in the early spring of this year of a lonely ship out at sea.

And on the left a painted page I did earlier cut up into strips and re-arranged on the page. It's a shame that the scans don't permit you to see just how much sparkle there is on these pages. I really went to town with that. I guess you will just have to try and catch one of the venues these sketchbooks will travel to next year, which will include London (for those books originating in the U.K. like mine)

1 comment:

Lenna Young Andrews said...

beautiful, brilliant blue!!! yum yum. I wish I could hold your sketchbook in my hands and paw through all the pages myself! hmmm, when is that London Tour date?? ha!


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