Saturday, 28 January 2012

I need to art!

I spend the whole day today just being in my studio and beavering away. The large quilt will shortly have a binding sewn on (this was the quilt that should have been finished by the end of last year but didn't quite make it!) and then I can continue the embellishments. I did some work in my Sketchbook Project and put the last touches (as in beads) on another Journal Quilt.

Very satisfying as the rest of the week was more or less a lost cause. What with driving to Edinburgh for my Artist's Way class (I'm realizing that I'm less and less in the mood to do so even though the book is proving to be more and more effective), escaping to graveyards when the electricity is off and to do my Artist Date, and a dental visit, my art came a poor last in my activity packed week. That has the almost inevitable result that my mood dips and I get more and more fraught with artistic frenzy.

For for next week, more arting and stitching is on the agenda, even if that means missing some of the things I planned to do. I might have to do that anyway as snow and ice are apparently on the way. We will again have no electricity on Tuesday, but that should hopefully be the end of all the electricity poles being replaced in and around West Linton and Carlops. I seem to be able to handle the unexpected failure of the supply a lot better than these planned outages. Last Thursday when we had no supply I did the washing up by boiling the kettle for hot water till John came and asked me why? As we had an entire tank full of hot water left over from the day before. And there was me, proud of exhibiting a real voortrekker attitude!

On a more positive note the snowdrops are out already. I don't think we saw them last year till the middle of February but that could have been because they were covered in a thick layer of snow! Our courtyard is full of foxgloves that self-seeded themselves there and put on their greenery during last summer so that this year they will be flowering (they're bi-annuals). Something I'm so looking forward to, even though they looked splendid today in their frozen state.


Jewels said...

I hear you Frieda - I have to pack a week of artist "longing" into my Saturday's (it's a pain having to work for a living, LOL). You are so lucky to have flowers coming up. Even though we have had a relatively mild winter here I suspect we will get one good blizzard before we are through. Stay warm through your power outages!

Terri said...

Sorry about all your outages Frieda! That must really complicate your plans for the day!
The snowdrops looks so divine! I have daffodils just about to open already. I know for sure they were not blooming this early last winter.
Your quilt sounds like it is coming along well! Can't wait to see!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

"i need to art" - i understand!!!!!! : ))
xo lenna

. said...

Beautiful photo of the flowers Frieda! Thanks again for the wonderful 4x4!!

Maggi said...

I hope you get more creative time in this week! I hate when I'm bursting with ideas and no time to do anything about it. LOL


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