Friday, 24 February 2012

Wordsworth's Lucy Poem Journal Quilts

Finally I can reveal what I have known for a few weeks now. My pair of Journal Quilts have won the 2nd prize in the Challenge set by Grosvenor Shows on the subject of quilt poetry. I choose as my inspiration the Lucy Poems by William Wordsworth firstly because I really love them and also because they deal not just with love but also with death, a subject close to my heart. I will show you each JQ separately in the very near future but here they are together with a lovely purple rozette. The image of Lucy is from a vintage image of a melancholic looking bride which has been in my possesion for quite some time now (published in the mid of the 19th Century), while the graveyard is the one in Newlands nearby where I have paid many visits already and where no doubt I'll find myself again one of these days. The image on the left merges the two digitally while on the right hand side I've made Lucy a gravestone, using conventional collage methods.

The poem on the left hand JQ reads:

She lived unknown, and few could know

when Lucy ceased to be;

But she is in her grave, and oh

the difference to me!

while on the other JQ it says:

She died, and left to me

this heath, this calm and quiet scene;

The memory of what has been

and never more will be.
If you want to read the entire collection of Lucy poems you can find the text here.

The first time I entered the JQ challenge from Grosvenor was 2010 with my Venice JQs which won 3rd price, last year I entered two sets of JQs on a Fantasy theme which won 1st prize and now a 2nd. Needless to say I'm already contemplating next year's theme which is Memories in Black and White!


Jewels said...

Wow well done Frieda - they are both just lovely and I am a Wordsworth fan! J

Lenna Young Andrews said...

really impressive, I think! Love how you melded the photos together on the left. xoxo

Linda said...

Congratulations to you!! well deserved.

Matt D said...

I just stumbled across your site via Google. I didn't even know there was such a things as quilt art. I looked around at some of your designs. Simply incredible. Beautiful.

What a great way to express oneself ...

theresa martin said...

Congratulations! They are beautiful.


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