Saturday, 3 March 2012

British German Stash Quilt Exhibition

I had hoped to share some photographs of gravestones in Glencorse Graveyard today but despite driving the road where it is supposed to be twice we still didn't manage to locate it. I suspect that it will require investigation on foot but don't worry, I do intend to locate it one way or another. On the way home I was bemoaning not getting a good blip for today but the universe was smiling down on me as the Highland cattle in a nearby field were obligingly mulling around near the entrance to the ancient limeworks, now in ruins. A very scenic picture!

I had some excellent news earlier this week when I received a letter to tell me my wallhanging Of Immortality was accepted into the British German Stash Quilt exhibition. This is organized by both the Quilter's Guild of the British Isles and the Patchwork Gilde Deutschland. Back in May last year quilters in both the U.K. and Germany were invited to send some 5 fat quarters or so of fabric from our own collection to our respective guilds and these were then swapped so that every participant in the U.K received a package from Germany and vice versa. You can see what I mailed off here, and above is the collection of fabrics I received in return.The only thing I know about the German quilter who send my fabrics is that her last name is Bitler and she lives in Bad Muenden. She hadn't enclosed any contact information and I haven't heard who received my fabrics either.

You can see which of her fabrics I used on the form above as well as see the fabrics I added from my own stash. I can't show you the quilt yet till it is shown at its first outing during the Patchworktage exhibition in Germany in May, but I can promise that you will have great trouble recognizing any of the fabrics in the actual art! The entire exhibition will also be on show at the Quilt Festival in Birmingham during August this year.

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Lenna Young Andrews said...

Frieda, you are such a tease! (i know you have to be)
I am looking forward to seeing this mysterious 'traded fabric quilt' that I won't recognize, when you are able!


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