Thursday, 1 March 2012

9. Why Solitude Journal Quilt

I waited with uploading my journal quilt for this week till we had reached March, as this one is not just for my own 52 Journals project where I make a JQ for every week of 2012 but also for the Journal Quilt project run by the Contemporary Quilt Group of the British Quilters' Guild where we made one once a month and for the first 4 months of this year these have to be 75% red. You can see the previous ones for January here and February via this link. I used one particular detail from a gravestone in the West Linton graveyard for the previous two and for this one I used another detail from the same stone that you can see below.

The background is a piece of devore fabric that I also used in the previous two JQs and I appliqued the shape onto it. It was cut from a lovely shiny fabric and Bondawebbed to the background and then handstitched in circles. Further embellishment was added in the shape of beads and buttons as shown. Two strips of Indian sari fabric were sewn on as background for the text which is one of my own poems that I have used previously in my art. It reads as follows:

Why solitude?

invisible wings carried me

into myself forever.

I guess the last red JQ that won't need to be made till April will also come from the same inspiration so that the four together will make a good visual set for future exhibition purposes but I haven't given much thought yet to how to tackle the last one at the moment. Sometimes you think inspiration might have run out but then it suddenly returns when you're least expecting it and I hope that might be the case for no. 4 by the time April comes around!


Linda said...

The 4 works together will be stunning. Very nice piece.

Maggi said...

This is gorgeous! I love the red color and your inspiration!


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