Thursday, 5 April 2012

14. Yesterday Journal Quilt

The fourteenth journal quilt in my 52 Journal Project and the last red one for this year has been done. As far as the 52 Journals project is concerned it's quite simple. I'm making one for every week of 2012, at least that's the plan! I'm also incorporating making one Journal Quilt every month for the Contemporary Group of the Quilters' Guild. These have to be A4 size and for the first 4 months of this year they have to be red. I used the same gravestone in West Linton Graveyard for my inspiration regarding these red JQs. You can see a detail of the stone below and also on the blog site I have dedicated to this graveyard.

The background for this JQ was made by layered a red background fabric with wadding (batting) and a backing fabric. On top of the red background fabric I put Mistyfuse and then added snippets from a wide variety of red fabrics. I fused these down and then added red transparent fabric on top and free machine quilted this background using a variegated, but mainly red thread. I used the graveyard photograph as my template for the arched shapes and cut these out of red devore fabric to the back of which I had added Bondaweb. These shapes were then fused on top of the background as shown and stitched down with gold thread.

I added words that are important to me. They read from left to right and top to bottom: yesterday, quietness, beauty, happiness, solitude, inituition, mystery, immortality. In the other arches red vintage buttons were sewn on as well as a gold one in the centre. Finally red and gold size 11 seed beads were added as shown.

By using the same source material (i.e. the gravestone picture) for all four red JQs I have established cohesion between them so that when shown together, they seem to belong as you can see above.

That's it for red journal quilts. Next it will be time for yellow, starting in May. I only hope I can find an equally inspirational picture to use for them!

If you want to see all previous JQs for the 52 Journals project you can click on the label below or have a peek at the slideshow in the sidebar of this blog.


Linda said...

I've seen them all but put all together stunning! Easy to the inspiration piece influence on all of them. Beautiful.

theresa martin said...

These are very exciting together. Great work Frieda! Love them.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

They are so very powerful shown all together, Frieda. Wow! Red is not my favorite colour but these look soooo good!! I look forward to seeing you work on the yellow theme as I know that is your favorite colour. It is so bright & sunny and I know you will find inspiration!!
love seeing you put together your work for us like this. xoxox

Linda said...

oh the power of red!! No wonder I love it so! This is a gorgeous collection and I so appreciate the time you take explaining how you make them.


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