Saturday, 7 April 2012

More spreads in my Limited Edition Sketchbook

As promised I'm continuing with showing you the spreads in my Limited Edition Sketchbook Project. See this previous post for the first three and the reasoning behind my particular sketchbook!

Above is spread 4 and on the left hand side I sewed on 3 purple strips to sort of look like a bouquet. There is hand stitching both on them and echoing their outline. The vintage text below reads: These shall all be reckoned beauty.

On the right hand side I used a piece of the dyed nightgown which I really liked just as it was. And as my theme for the sketchbook is Thread and Surface I decided to leave that particular surface well alone and only added the vintage text, put together as a poem. It reads:

The past can never be retrieve

the foolishness of vanity

the estimates of human beauty.

Spread no. 5 and on the left a piece of fabric cut from the top of the dyed nightie with the pintucks still in position with above it hand stitching in variegated threads. As the pintucks reminded me of waves I found a matching vintage text and added it underneath. It says: from the waters of Oblivion raised the drowning race.

On the right I stitching on strips of the same hand-dyed nightie on top of the background pieces of fabric to form a grid and then added hand stitching in various patterns as shown.

I used 2 of my own photographs on these facing pages (spread no. 6), one purple (scabious) and one orange (poppy). They are both layered on top of turban cotton and accompanied by hand stitching in matching colours.


Linda said...

your spreads are so incredibly beautiful Frieda!! and congrats on another publication-you know,you could have your own book published showcasing your incredible pieces and rest assured I'd be the first(ok first or second depending on how fast Lenna is) to buy a copy-signed of course :):)

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Frieda, this is so gorgeous. You make me want to dye and paint fabric again! And, I had to smile when i got to the page with your two photographs included. I had not even seen these in your journal yet when I started my sketchbook journal and started added my photographs to the page. : ) somehow, across the ocean, we have a thread of continuity between us 9sometimes we don't even know) which is so satisfying to me! xoxox


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