Sunday, 15 April 2012

Debby's 4 x 4

This is the very last 4x4 I'm making for our exchange on the closed OhMyGothic group. The idea was that we make one 4x4" sized piece of art for another artist in the group every month and also receive one ourselves. It's rather fitting that the last one I'm making is for Debby as it was she who set up this exchange, where we started by swapping gothic arches, then continued to little houses, Skinny pages and finally the 4x4s. The group is carrying on but I'm really too busy to continue and I don't want to end up resenting having to make art under such pressure. I'm also sure that wouldn't lead to my best efforts which would be unfair to everyone else. So although I will be sad to say goodbye I know it's the best move for me at the moment.

The background for this piece is a fabric-paper collage in which I used a paper napkin with cutlery imagery on it. To that I added the transparency girl (from Divas d'Este) and the butterfly which is 3D although you can't tell this from the scan. The vintage text says With forks and hope.

I finished the edges with my usual satin stitching and beading.


Linda said...

Really like the collage on fabric look. Makes for a truly one of a kind piece.

Linda said...

it's beautiful frieda and I know Debby will love it! The layering of the fabric papers and transparency is lovely.


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