Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Travelling on Exhibition

I've been stewarding at the Travelling On exhibition today and can report that my cake went down a treat!
Now I'm home again and am wrestling with the new Blogger interface which is giving me a lot of trouble as my browser is not compatible and due to my dial-up there is no way I can possibly download another even if I wanted to. No doubt I will get used to this new one eventually but in the meantime apologies if the blogposts don't look as they usually do. I can't even watch the instructional video. In fact, at the moment I just want to give up blogging all together but that seems a bit feeble minded.

Should I suddenly disappear from the blogging world you will continue to find me at blipfoto. And you can find my page there here: www.blipfoto.com/friedaquilter  However I have just given myself a severe talking to and I'm sure that eventually this new interface will be as familiar to me as the old one was (amazingly I've been blogging since December 2006, so 6 years by this coming December!). Fingers crossed!

Underneath is a detail of a small quilt called La Serenissima  (with a sideway glance at the whole quilt above) and you won't be surprised to find it's inspired by Venice. I promise I will come back to both this quilt and the ThreadTangle in future posts (yes, I seem to have recovered my equilibrium and there WILL be future posts, come what may!) and tell you more about both of them

I'll give you just a hint of the technique used. I made the quilt first, with fabrics that I wasn't particularly mad about. Once they was done I layered with wadding (batting) and machine quilted the entire piece. Then I painted it!

Another view of the exhibition space with Thread-Tangle in the far left hand corner.


Linda said...

I hope it becomes easier and you don't have to give up the blogging-I'm being totally, whole heartedly selfish here. I would very much miss the art and the graveyards with stories/history. This is the 3rd time I've read on a blog in the last 2 weeks, authors talking about facebook and stopping their blogs. I really don't care for facebook but would adjust I am sure. I sometimes make changes kicking and screaming but realize it's going to happen no matter my reaction.
I am going to keep my fingers crossed ( all of them + toes) that it becomes easier for you.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

wish i could be there in person to see it! Sorry for your computer troubles - no fun : (


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