Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A visit to Musselburgh

It was really quite a good thing yesterday that you were reading this blog without being able to hear the language used while I was writing it! Not very ladylike, alas. But the only way to learn if I can bear continuing with Blogger is to simply get on with it,  and see where that gets me.

I visited Musselburgh this morning where the trees were in full blossom and it really looked delightful. My aim was to see the Uncommon Ground show by the group Freewheeling and I was very happy I made the effort as there was a great variety in textile techniques on offer, with lots of gorgeous hand as well as machine stitching. Various of the artists' sketchbooks were also on view and you were allowed to leaf through them. A real treat.

But sadly this will be the very last show in the Loretto Gallery. It will be turned into a shop once this exhibition finishes on Saturday 29th April. I've been to many shows there and they were one of the galleries that loved showing textile art so it will be deeply missed by so many of us, textile artists!


jacky ives said...

Please keep blogging, even if it is a pain! I really enjoy reading your blogs.

Linda said...

:) :) :) so glad you haven't given up blogging Frieda! I was with you regarding the changes only because I just started a blog myself with LOTS of help from my son. I was just getting used to it. Needless to say after a few panic calls to my son he managed to get me thru some of it over the phone. I wish he still lived at home-it would be so much easier!


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