Friday, 25 May 2012

A Joyful Life

How could I not enjoy a day filled with sunshine, bird twitter and beautiful flowers, specially when that day also brought the return from the Malvern Quilt Show of my quilt A Joyful Life, adorned with 2 rozettes (Embellilshment prize and 3rd Prize Large Wallhangings) and a Judges Choice certificate (thanks to judge Jacque Vallis). What a treat and the quilt's title is so appropriate for these oh so unexpected tropically hot spring days.

Not only has it brought out lots of flowers (although the peony above comes from a bouquet John bought me and my blip for today) but it also provided the most spectacular sunset last night as you can see below.

As this weather is so rare here in the Scottish Borders I tend to drop everything in order to dedicate myself to sun worship. I've always been an avid adorer of that blazing yellow ball in the sky and find it rather surprising to find I haven't landed in a place where it shows its face more frequently! Perhaps its rarity makes it all the more special.
Not that I'm not working! I have managed to gesso and paint all the pages in my 2013 Sketchbook Project, ready to receive the photos I will be adding in the coming months (my theme is Photo Log). It's great to do the painting outside as everything dries superfast. The next Journal Quilt for the 52 Journals is in hand and I have been adding the binding so that I can start embellishing.
More than all that though, I'm simply taking time to absorb the warmth and soak up the beauty of Macbiehill in all its glories so that during less joyful days I can return to them in my mind's eye. Wish I could write these posts while sitting outside too, but that's not to be just yet. However watch this space as that time might be coming (finally!).


Lenna Young Andrews said...

mmmm, such a joyful post! Many congrats on all the rosettes you were honored with for your beautiful quilt, Frieda. WOW! So glad you are getting some needed sunny weather -I had to laugh at your "sun worshipping" comment! enjoy!

Linda said...

Congratulations on your awards! Certainly a deserving piece of art. Enjoyed the cherry photos. Good photography isn't always easy to find.

Linda said...

Much congrats on your quilt awards Frieda!!! What a beautiful sunset - I'm with you on taking in nature and the beauty of it all when you have an opportunity like this. It's difficult for me to be indoors when it's so lovely outside.


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