Thursday, 24 May 2012

21. Circle of Creation Journal Quilt

Thursday yet again and tine for journal quilt no. 21. I've returned to where most of my JQs for the 52 Projects are coming from and that is a photograph of a gravestone. This one comes from Haddington graveyard where I paid a visit last September (see the picture below). But I used poetic licence to fill in the colours. I used a piece of hand-dyed velvet for both the circle and the pedestal although the pedastal bit was carefully chosen to be more green than the circle piece, in which reds and oranges dominate. The background was pieced from 2 green fabrics and free machine quilted while the circle was hand stitched using a silk variegated thread. The pedestal only needed machine stitching so as not to distract from the circle which is the main centre of attention, both literally and figuratively speaking. Of course I could not resist adding beads.
I was going to add the spokes as you can see them on the picture above but they somehow interfered with the flow of the circle so I decided to leave them out. The circle was perfect as it looks now.The final touch was the vintage text which reads: "the perfect cirlce of creation". I am rather taken with this one myself as I loved the colours in the velvet fabric which I made many moons ago and have always kept for "that special project". This journal quilt was definitely it.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

i am glad you cannot resist adding beads!! Oh my. I fear I am running out of words for your beautiful weekly creations! I enjoy them all but this one feels rather special. xo

Linda said...

Oh lovely! Don't try to hold back on the beading-no no. Like the gravestone.

Linda said...

How beautiful Frieda!!! I LOVE coming to these posts and seeing you photo along with your quiltie interpretations- they always blow me away!


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