Monday, 28 May 2012

Linlithgow Graveyard

In an ideal world I would have written this post yesterday when the pictures shown were taken! But after teaching all day I just wanted to sit in the sun, have a glass of wine and some cheese and read Cloth Paper Scissors latest Studios magazine. It's just as well we don't live in the Mediterrean as not much would come out of my hands with an ever present sun. Or maybe I would get so used to it that being indoors would be the treat instead. Yesterday was spend teaching Collage Journal Quilts for the Purely Patchwork shop in Linlithgow. As I arrived super early (why can't I get that out of my system?!) I took the opportunity to pop into St. Michael's church's graveyard.
And was rather surprised to see so many people entering the graveyard. Usually I'm the only one. Then it dawned on me that it was Sunday and they were going to church! I usually avoid Sunday graveyard visiting just for that reason. The fact that I speak (still) with a foreign accent comes in useful on such occasions! I was really sorry I didn't have more time as the graveyard was beautiful with some stunning stones such as the one above which has magnificent carving.
Or this one with it's cheeky winged angels on either side of what must been a representation of the dead person buried there!
St. Michael's Church is right next door to Linlithgow Palace which played an important part in Scotland's history and looks amazing while driving into Linlithgow from the motorway. Sadly it's virtually impossible to stop anywhere to take a good photograph, and this view is from within the graveyard. I have made a firm resolution to return, tour the castle, have a more in-depth look at the graveyard and walk around the loch right next to the castle. And while there this could be combined with a visit to Purely Patchwork, Nify Needles, Normal Cummins fabric shop and a beading/stamping shop (sorry no idea what it's called). What a treat for a textile artist!


. said...

I know I will always be treated to some grand Scottish scenery when I visit your blog Frieda! Glad you did choose to rest and enjoy instead of rushing in and back to the computer! You've inspired me to go capture some photos of my irises.

Hope you are well!

Linda said...

Almost missed this graveyard. At the bottom of the stone it looks like 1720-if that's correct it's in remarkable condition. Which of course is wonderful for those appreciating the art work on the stone.

Linda said...

Aaah, be still my heart.Thank you for sharing these treasures.


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