Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Rhododendrons in Dawyck

The very hot weather seems to have gone but it has left in its wake a soft spring feeling and a gorgeous fresh green hanging over the landscape. Even the rain that fell today felt different somehow from that which came down before our heatwave.  It has now taken the shape of that soft spring rain in which I could walk for hours. Before it started we went to Dawyck Botanical Gardens as I was very eager not to miss the full glory of the Azalea and Rhododendron Walk! The rain began to fall gently as we wondered around.
Although some of the rhododendrons are in flower now most of them weren't just there yet. I figure in another week and a bit the high point will be reached but already there were some beautiful flowers to admire.
This was my favourite today and thus became my blip, despite the fact that I had blipped something very similar yesterday, but that one (Fanny) grows in our own garden. You can check it out in the Blip gadget in the sidebar of this blog. The raindrops added to the lusciousness.
Both this soft pink
and this gorgeous purple with orange spots simply asked to be remembered in a photo and I duely obliged!


Linda said...

I'm thankful you listened to the flowers.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

when I was walking in the gardens at Ringling Museum, there was also a soft rain falling . . . . . ; )


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