Monday, 21 May 2012

One Moment in Time - A Day in Flowers

I wasn't planning to blog today but somehow it happened anyway. I wanted to share this perfect day, filled with sunshine and beautiful flowers, all blooming in our garden.
I sometimes think I post too many macro flower pictures on my blip page and viewers might get fed up with them but always remember the advice given me by fellow blipper Molly that each photograph is unique. Sadly she is no longer with us as she passed away last May but her words will forever resonate with me. Even if you photograph the self same flower the next day, both the flower and you will be different!
We spend the day outside. In fact so keen was I to enjoy the sunshine that I hand pieced an upcoming journal quilt rather than machine stitch it (which would have been oh so much faster) simply for the pleasure of sewing outside. And I know that whenever I look at that particular quilt again in the future I will remember those moments!
How warm it was, how sunny and how beautiful the world looked today!
A day to enjoy and make the most of.
Because this day will not come again!


Susan said...

Hi! A blog reader of mine, Julie Mackinder, sent me a link to your page. Why? Well, she knew we shared many of the same interests and I was in Edinburgh just last week. I scratched my head, thought about your very familiar name, and wondered, "Didn't this talented artist and I trade an ATC and a postcard a couple of years ago ... through an event I was running? Through Cyber Fyber?" WE DID! I'm very thrilled to bump into you again here on the Internet! Your work is wonderful!

Linda said...

The day was a success! More eye candy. I love greens and the first photo is a favorite but then I saw the last one of the pink flower. Now it's a tie-which one-hmmmm. I'll have to go back and take another look.


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