Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Back in Penicuik Graveyard

I spend some more time in Penicuik graveyard today. Coming in I opened the gate very softly as this graveyard is frequented by many rabbits and I love to catch them out playing in the grass. They are the only visitors here; I've never encountered a fellow human beings (you can check out my previous visits by clicking on the Penicuik label below this post). The rabbits are alert and register me but on the whole they stand their ground till I get too close. Rabbits also mean rabbit warren and there are several large holes around the bottom of the walls that enclose this graveyard completely. Despite being along a busy road and right next door to the Lidl supermarket the graveyard itself is very peaceful and full of fascinating old stones, many dating back to the early 18th Century. But the graveyard is in very bad condition.
Many of the stones have fallen over, others have bits fallen off such as urns and pediments and others have been gathered together and put against walls as can be seen above. I notice there is also a raindrop in view that was on my camera lens. It rained relentlessly! It makes for a mood suitable to graveyard visiting but not for photography.
Other stones are tucked away in corners and are slowly being overtaken by vegetation, such as the one above (also my blip for today)
 This one is middle 19th Century and has beautiful engraving some of which could still be seen (just!).
Penicuik graveyard's stones are adorned beautifully on the whole and many stones clearly show the hand of the same stonemason. I associate the above angel shape (really it's a winged soul) with him. Sadly I have no way of knowing his name but his legacy lives on.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

Frieda, I clicked on the Penicuik tag at the end of your post and read all the earlier related ones, most of them for a second time. I can see why you find this graveyard so fascinating. I love that in the first photo of this post you are showing us I think, a side view of the stone you posted on your 365th blip! Anyway, it was much more interesting than I would have imagined. The art of the stone mason is incredible and it all seems so symbolic. Plus, I so resonate with the quote you translated from one of the stones inscriptions: vive memor leti . . .
"Indulge your genius. Let us seize things that are sweet.
It's thanks to me that you're alive. You'll become ashes, a ghost, a fable. Live mindful of death. The hour is fleeing. Every word I speak is [stolen] from it."


Linda said...

I've been caught up in work and haven't visited for awhile. Missed too much ! The gravestones are beautiful, such a shame it isn't being preserved. Photographs are beautiful the rain didn't seem to matter.


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