Monday, 25 June 2012

Black Iris

Two wonderful examples of synchronicity crossed my path today. First of all, after moaning in my post yesterday that irises don't grow at Macbiehill, nature decided to put me right on that point as the first thing I saw this morning when I popped outside to feed the birds was this black iris in full flower. How did I not spot this before? And there are more buds waiting to come out. What a treat.

Then during breakfast I read the At Home segment of the Scotland on Sunday newspaper (I sometimes still read the Sunday papers by the next Friday!) and lo and behold, there was an entire article dedicated to the garden we visited yesterday and that I described in yesterday's post. And that means I can now tell you that the house in whose conservatory we had our cream teas and in whose garden was the little house, is called Mount Ceres and that it is run as a Bed & Breakfast so you can go and stay and enjoy that garden for yourself by following this link. The article also told me that the fairytale house was originally a Wendy house bought on Ebay and prettified and equipped with a garden by the owners of Mount Ceres. Why do I never find such treasures there?! However we do have a summerhouse already in situ in our own garden and I am inspired to make that into our very own fairytale chalet! Watch this space.

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