Saturday, 14 July 2012

Border Flowers

It struck me today and yesterday while taking pictures for this blog that anyone looking back over the posts from the past few weeks (or even months!)might get the erroneous impression that we're having a lovely summer. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact we're having the worst summer since 1910 apparently and our rainfall has exceeded more than 400% the normal levels for this time of year. The midge population has also increased gigantically (and I have the stings to prove it!). All in all not great!. 
But there are many plants that don't seem to mind. The fuchsia at the top is a shining example of a plant enthousiastically flowering away and disregarding the conditions. It's called Voodoo! It's my blip for today. And the wild rose above is carrying on too although there are less flowers than in previous years.  
This wildflower (my blip yesterday) called goat's-beard (member of the daisy family and easily confused with a dandelion) along the railway line provides a welcome spot of yellow when I walk the dogs,

and the grasses too are holding their own. The same cannot be said for me. The weather is getting me down, there's no denying that. So in order to cheer myself up I went to the official opening (thanks for the invite, Joan!) of the Borderlines exhibition by Group Twelve which promised "an abundance of stitch and colour from a group of textile artists". And it very much lived up to that promise. For a few hours I immersed myself in the riches on offer, had chats and tea with like minded artists and admired the many beautiful works of textile art on offer. Don't miss it if you're local. It's on till the 19th August in the Christopher Boyd Gallery, Old Gala House, Scott Crescent, Galashiels, TD1 3JS. Open Mon - Sat 10 - 4 and Sun. 1 - 4. I highly recommended the coffee shop there too!


Jewels said...

Send some of that rain our way Frieda - we desperately need it - we have had unseasonably warm temps and much of the US is experiencing drought conditions. I have to go out early every morning to water everything to keep it blooming - fortunately I have lots of trees at Maple Hill so the shade helps...lovely flower photos you shared. J

Lenna Young Andrews said...

Although it has been interspersed with a good deal of sunshine, there has been an unusual amount of rain here in Florida too. It seems every afternoon lately we have been getting thunderstorms with a lot of rain. I can really tell because the plants are flourishing! Usually, it is quite dry here. I hope you get some sunshine added to your rain soon. Your flower photos today are some of my favorite! xoxox

Linda said...

We would take some of your rain here. The raindrops on the flowers makes for nice photos. Hope it gets better-more summery.


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