Sunday, 15 July 2012

Inwood Gardens

Yet again we had to think long and hard before venturing out for a garden visit. It had been raining on and off during the morning and it was also quite windy, but our garden visits over the past weeks have been such a success that we decided to give it a try. A good decision as it turned out as we weren't rained on during the afternoon and because the garden was quite sheltered it was also quite warm. And the tea facilities provided us with the tastiest Victoria sponge cake yet! This week it was the turn of Inwood Garden and we hadn't even entered the garden proper before I gasped in delight at the sight of this ancient dovecote in the shape of an actual cottage. The doves must have entered through the door and the back of the little house could be lifted up for access. Oh my word, what fun! I immediately commissioned our own version from my life-in handyman otherwise knows as my husband. Can't wait!
The second pleasure came shortly after paying our entrance fee in the shape of a stand by Macplants whose display was a symphony in pastels as seen above. I need hardly add that 4 plants went home with us, for no other reason than that the colours looked so good together (pale blue, dark rose, white and darker blue) that I needed all of them as a colour scheme. And a pinch of yellow might also be added to that mix.
 The garden itself was delightful. Yes it was still quite wet but because it wasn't actually raining I didn't mind as it does wonders for the photographs as you can see in the picture of the dahlia above
 and in this gorgeous pink model too.
 I can never resist rose photographs either!
This fabulous tree is THE showpiece of this garden and is placed centrally. It's a Cornus contraversa variagata, otherwise known as a Wedding Cake Tree (the pleasure to find that a tree can be called that!!)
No idea what this little beauty is called but the flower is only about 1 centimetre in diameter so way smaller than you might think, just going by the photograph. 
 And another rose, just because!
A view of some lovely yellow daisy type flowers and you can see in the background that the garden is surrounded by the woods belonging to the Carberry Tower Estate.
 A wonderful and rain kissed alstromeria
 And a view of some of the beds and the woods behind
And then this luscious scabious, so beautiful in all it's detail. This would have become my blip as I know it's probably my best photograph of the day but the dovecote is just so unusual that I had to nominate it as my blip du jour!


Linda said...

So many things to enjoy in this post. I have never heard of a Wedding Cake Tree, learned something new. The daisies and dovecote are favorites also. Beautiful photographs, all of them.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh my goodness Frieda I feel like I am at a banquet with just too many delicous things to eat so I might just have to sample a bit of all of them! What a wonderful Garden visit. Thank you for sharing. And I find it quite amusing that here you are sharing the dove house when on my photo blog I shared my squirrel house!!!

Linda said...

such gorgeous photos Frieda-how I love flowers, but the dovecote was a good choice for your blip photo. can't wait to see what your hubby makes.


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