Sunday, 22 July 2012

Pinelands Princess Dahlia

As advised in the Creative Photographer book that I'm reading at the moment, I spend quite some time today taking photographs of one dahlia in our garden. I didn't get to 100 exactly as prescribed in the book, but I kept on going till my camera's battery needed recharging. These are the three I'm happiest with and one of them will become my blip for today although I haven't decided which one yet. You'll have to check it out on the Blipfoto site!
This dahlia has "dinner plate" sized blooms and is flowering a lot earlier than last year as it has spend the past months in the greenhouse rather than outside and it's thriving. Lots of buds to come. It was bought for no other reason than that I loved the picture on the bulb packet and I do think it looks even lovelier in real life and on these pictures.
It's like taking a bath in pink deliciousness!


Jewels said...

All three are great shots Frieda - I'd be hard put to choose one :) J

theresa martin said...

Lovely photos - beautiful flower. The exercise is to take 100 photos of one subject? I'll have to try that.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

you chose exactly the right one i think, Frieda. delicious!

Maggi said...

Gorgeous shots! So much beauty in one flower!

Linda said...

all three of these are just equisite Frieda-what a beautiful flower!

Linda said...

no wrong choices with the 3 photos but the middle one is my favorite. makes for an excellent blip.


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