Saturday, 21 July 2012

Wellbutts garden

We don't usually go garden visiting on a Saturday but were particularly keen to catch Wellbutts as it is located nearby in the Lanarkshire hills at approximately the same height as our own garden so we were hoping to pick up some tips about what grows well in such conditions. One thing that they had and we sadly lack is a pond with ducks.
And they were not very happy about all the garden visitors in their domain, with the gander trying to lead his ladies hither and dither.
I have to give credit to John who spotted this log in among a pile of wood and immediately alerted me to the heart shape! How romantic was that, I was quite impressed! It also became my blip for today.
Above you can see how the garden lies within it's landscape and the path is leading the eye into the surrounding hills so they seem to be an extension of the garden.
As always I was still most fascinated by the details including this astrantia that has green leaf tips, the first time I noticed them really clearly.


Linda said...

Always learn something on your site, first time to I've seen an Astrania. Beautiful photography.

Jewels said...

Wonderful garden Frieda - mine alas has suffered this summer with the heat and lack of rain (I can't seem to keep up with watering). Loved seeing all the Green...


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