Friday, 20 July 2012

Visit to Kelso

Kelso was today's destination for yet another away day. I'm having a wealth of them just now and will have to keep my needle to the grindstone if I'm to post a Journal Quilt next week. But I really didn't want to miss the exhibition of the Abbey Row quilters, see the lovely quilts, meet up with friends, have a tasty lunch and of course as I was there I also had to have a quick look at the ruins of Kelso Abbey and the neighbouring graveyard. Kelso is the most ruined abbey in the Scottish Borders but it is still a very impressive sight and must have been a wonderful building in its time. You can see in the background that it's located right in the centre of Kelso.

I didn't have a lot of time for detailed examination of gravestones but the side of this tablestone grave was surprising in that I haven't seen deer and/or antlers featured on gravestones before.
The writing on this stone was completely gone so the pictures are all I'm able to share with you. If you're near by the exhibition is also on tomorrow at the Abbey Row centre right next door to the abbey ruins.


Chris said...

Hi, Frieda. I have popped into your blog because of the wonderful Circle Squared project you posted on the Sketchbook Challenge - and here you are posting about graveyards too! I love cemeteries and the art and history contained in them - it's so much fun to find someone else who doesn't find it odd or creepy! Well done and I'll be back -

All the best to you - Chris

Lenna Young Andrews said...

What a beautiful place to walk about and photograph, not to mention the quilts, lunch & friends! :)

Linda said...

whether a ruin or not -this abbey is gorgeous!!!


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