Saturday, 8 September 2012

Addicted to the worldwide net

I spend a wonderful day at the Area Day of the Quilters' Guild, Scotland region up in Perth where I spend way too much money and heard two very different but equally interesting talks. One by a very traditional Welsh quilter and another one by the very contemporary Australian quilter, Lisa Walton. On the way home in our own little lane, I took the above picture of the hills surrounding us. I kept thinking there was a white smudge on my lens, but no, it's a lonely sheep!

It was just as well I didn't know that John spend the entire day at home trying to restore our broadband and wifi connection which went down shortly after I left home. It's probably a problem with our router but after resetting it once more this evening, wifi was miraculously restored. How did we manage our lives before the Internet? I for one can scarcely manage life without anymore.

I used the old dial-up to check my e-mails earlier, and oh what a performance that was! Amazing to think that's how we used to manage for years!

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Victoria said...

Beautiful..what a magnificent photo..full of nature's beauty.. and what a magical surprise to find.. a sheep! Gorgeous soft colors..visually stunning!


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