Saturday, 1 September 2012

Exhibition and Flower Show

 Another fun filled and busy day which also provided us with some sunshine. I went to the opening of the "Garden Texture" exhibition at Dawyck Botanic Gardens by the Fibretrix group. If you're anywhere in the area do try and go as it's a gorgeous show, filled with the work of a talented group of textile artists. It will be on show till Dawyck gardens close for the winter on the 30th November so plenty of time. And of course there is a wonderful coffee shop there too, so you can treat yourself to coffee or lunch as well as a wonderful walk through the gardens to pick up even more inspiration.

There were some beautiful and very colourful pieces in the show but there was also some work just in white but with the most fantastic texture. Sometimes that's all that's needed.  That's why I choose the picture I took later of the white gladioli as my blip for today to remind me that white is a beautiful colour too.

Both the gladioli as well as the gorgeous roses seen above were part of the display at the Newlands Flower Show that we also managed to visit in oder to buy some tasty marmalade, jam and home baking when they were auctioned off at the end! Seeing all that fruit, vegetables and flowers proved just as enjoyable as seeing the equally wonderful textile show and made me feel grateful for the presence of so much beauty in the world.


Terri said...

Beautiful flowers! The show must have been really fab! You are so lucky as you seem to get to go to all these amazing events and places!

Linda said...

The orange and pink together is very striking, like the look of it. Nice photos.


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