Monday, 3 September 2012

Je suis libre calendar girl

It's September and that means that when I turned the page on the Bernina calendar I saw my work portrayed there. As I mentioned on an earlier post my work was selected to be in the calendar last year and the detail that was used can be seen above. The little quilt it came from is below as is the other piece I also entered into the Freedom Textile Exhibition. This is an exhibition organized by the German quilter Gudrun Heinz and although I didn't have to bare all (as some calendar girls do!) I did reveal quite a lot more of myself in the interview Gudrun had with me. 

You can see this interview on the Bernina blog which you reach by clicking here. It is all in German though, but fear not, the English text of the interview can be found on Gudrun's own website here. In any case I find Google is quite good in translating the German text. It doesn't get it all 100% correct but you certainly get the jest of it. The English text on Gudrun's site is spot on, as she was kind enough to hold the interview in English so those are my words. 

I have Gudrun to thank for many things. First of all organizing these series of exhibitions and challenging us with the themes. The next one, if you're interested is on the subject of Boredom and if you want to participate you can find all the info here. Secondly for keeping us informed so well of where the exhibition has been (with full report and pictures) and where it will be going, and these exhibitions are probably going to the most exotic places my work does travel to, such as the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Moskou, St. Petersburg and Murmansk and many other venues all over Europe. The Freedom quilts were on show at the Festival of Quilts last month in Birmingham too. I just wish I could  have gone in person too! Gudrun also put me in touch with the German magazine Patchwork Professional who consequently published an article about my work, and she suggested it for the calendar too! And now she has honoured me with this interview! Saying THANK YOU seems quite inadequate!

If you want to find out more about how these little Freedom pieces were made you can find that information on an earlier blog post here.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

wow, what an interview Frieda! I hope you are very proud & happy; I think it was outstanding. I have known you for many years now but I still learned more about you by reading that wonderful article. Again I was bowled over by how prolific you are and how beautiful your art is. So wonderful to see all your art displayed together like that. It is a pleasure and a privilege to know you, and be friends!!

Linda said...

Ditto what Lenna has eloquently written. Congratulations on your many and most recent accomplishments! The interview was fantastic, and I so loved viewing so many pieces of your varied art quilts. Beautifully done!

Linda said...

Great interview and a nice photo of yourself. Several pictures of my all time favorite quilt-Fluttering Through Time. Congratulations on your awards and exhibitions. Wishing you many, many more years to create.


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