Sunday, 30 September 2012

Floors Castle

There is a danger that I'm starting to sound like I'm working for the Scottish Tourist Board but during my mother's visits I tend to see more Scottish attractions in one week than I do during the rest of the year. Today it was the turn of Floors Castle to play the star role. The weather wasn't as good as yesterday but on the plus side it only rained very shortly during our entire visit and we even managed to fit in quite a walk. This is the view of the castle taking from down below the bank on which it sits.

And this is the little courtyard where you come out after visiting the rooms that can be admired inside. No pictures from them as photography inside the castle is not allowed. The rooms were stunning, though, and this time the tapestries were the real thing, faded and all, but oh so glorious. When we came outside again I was surprised to see the roses still in bloom.
From the courtyard  (where there is a lovely restaurant!)you look out towards the river Tweed in the far distance, which forms the edge of the estate. We were so lucky that it was clear enough to see a long view away across the Scottish Borders.
And it was so surprising on the last day of September to see so much colour still present in the gardens around the castle
but that was as nothing compared to the riches on offer in the Victorian walled garden.This is one of the few working examples of traditional Victorian kitchen gardens in Scotland and it was stunning. A visit next Spring  has already been added to our calendar but even at this time of year the long borders were a delight for the eye. I found it almost impossible to decide which of the pictures to choose as my blip
but in the end I decided on this one seen above.

 Of course I could not resist some detailed flower pictures such as the Tradescantia Innocence seen above,
 this kniphophia,
 and that oh so Scottish thistle!
which is  so beautiful in all its details.


Anonymous said...

Lots of detail on the castle, much to enjoy. And the gardens-what a sight! Excellent photography.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

absolutely beautiful photos, frieda. Both the castle and the gardens are amazing. I too cannot believe how much was so colourfully still in bloom. What a treat!

Linda said...

spectacular Frieda!!!!


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