Monday, 1 October 2012

Devil's Beef Tub

This will be the last picture of my mother's visit as she's flying back home tomorrow. We drove down the A701 to Moffat but I had already blipped the Moffat Ram last year so I was on the hunt for another picture. On the way back the sun came out and John pulled into the lay-by near the Devil's Beef Tub. This is what the above place is called.  Click here to read more about it. And it's not the place to take your eyes of the road if you're driving! If you look closely you can just about see a white van in the centre of the picture which landed there some years ago. I'm pleased to report that the driver escaped with a few broken bones and bruises but it could have ended so much worse.

In fact in order to take this picture I had to climb over a fence and walk some way down the hill and John wanted to see this view too so he did the same. My poor mother was left in the car wondering what she would do if her daughter and son-in-law disappeared down the mountain! It looked a much steeper hill than it in fact is and we hadn't realized we had vanished from view! Worth making that effort though as I'm quite pleased with the resulting picture.


theresa martin said...

So glad you didn't disappear into the tub! Spectacular photo and I've enjoyed all the photos and stories from your mom's visit.

Lenna Young Andrews said...

oh, you should be pleased, it is grand and I am glad to see it here with more story. I bet your mum was relieved to see you & john again!!

Linda said...

spectacular shot! So glad you kept safe. Nice that you had this time with your mom and now you'll have lots of great photos and happy reminders of this time together.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo! Don't yo wonder sometimes how names came about. Looks like your Mom had a good visit, even if she wondered if she'd been abandoned.


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