Monday, 15 October 2012

Beastly Photographs

One of the great pleasure of living where we do, is the wealth of animal life all around us and in the past few days I have made animals the stars of my daily blip photograph. In case you're new here, Blipfoto is a website where you can upload one photograph every day. You can only upload it to the day the picture was taken but that's the only rule. You don't have to do it daily but I "do it once a day" as their logo states. I started back in November 2010 and joining Blipfoto is one of the best decisions I've ever made. As a visual artist I'm already very trained in looking but Blipfoto has taught me to open my eyes even wider in the hunt for the daily picture. Very often that picture will also appear on my blog but somehow these animals never made it as I was simply to busy some of the days to write a blogpost as well as post my blipfoto. And I know that some of you look at my blipfoto page too (thanks so much!) but for those of you who don't, here are the recent animal ones. 
This is the pheasant girl who has become a regular visitor to our garden. She knows that first thing in the morning I will appea,r to fill up the seed and nut containers for the birds and since her visits I now also deposit a handful of seed on the ground specially for her. After the first few days when she was very skittish, she has become used to me and thus was quite happy for me to take her picture.
The muskovy duck above is a resident of the nearby Whitmuir Organic Farm where we were on Saturday for a car boot sale and afterwards for a drink in the coffee shop to warm up. These ducks get lots of visitors and are very relaxed about it. The picture was taken without a zoom so you can imagine just how close I was.
Then finally this morning I went to the village to document some more gravestones in the West Linton graveyard for my blog, dedicated to that place, and on my way passed this nearby field and spotted the above delightful Highland Cattle calf with his or her mother. What a treat and I took many pictures of this lovely twosome, of which the above picture and the one at the top of this post were my favourites. The top one also became my blip for today.


Linda said...

That's how you came to excel at photography. I alwas enjoy the photos. Mom and calf is my favorite today.

Linda said...

This is the 3rd time I'm trying to post, something wrong on this end today. Anyway--

That's how it is you excel at photography. No matter how I always enjoy the photos. I need to go check out the new photos of the graveyard.

Jewels said...

These are just lovely Frieda - love them all :)

Linda said...

Love your animal pics Frieda-I'd be naming them all :)


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