Sunday, 14 October 2012

In the Meldon Hills

It's been a busy week in which I tried to catch up with my 52 Journals project as well as grab some exhibitions. Apart from the Journal Quilt for the coming week I'm also trying to squeeze in another little project so time was at a premium (when is it ever not?!). But it was also great weather and that's when the outdoors beckons. Today we went for a walk in the Meldon Hills above Eddlestone. I had to wear my heavy walking boots as we've also had some rain so the tracks were a bit slippery. Every autumn I have to get used again to the feeling of that heaviness! But they do the trick of keeping me steady on my feet so it's worth it. They've been all over the country with me and have left their tracks in the Lake District specially, where they were bought.
We were lucky as we didn't have any rain during our walk although some came down when we were in the car. The hills have now turned brown almost completely with the ferns and heather dying down for the winter. It's a wonderfully rich colour when the sun hits it.
And the only company we had were the sheep!
During the walk we could look down on the road we had arrived on. It's a lovely drive on this one track way from Eddleston to the Peebles Road and at this time of year very quiet although in the summer it can be busy with people going to the various pick nick benches strategically placed along the road.. A walk like this really sets me up for the week ahead, both as far as the fresh air is concerned and because walks are thinking time and thus inspirational.


theresa martin said...

Such lovely country and great photos!

Linda said...

I don't mind winter and enjoy it most of the time. It's hard to resist the fall weather and enjoy the outdoors knowing it won't be long.
Nice photos, like the texture of the browns on the hills.


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