Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Prayer Flags returns

Last week my returns arrived from Lenna Andrews, the hostess of the Prayer Flag swap on the Creative Swaps site. The idea for the swap was that each participant would make 3 prayer flags, send them to Lenna, and receive 3 flags from 3 different artists in return. We were then to share pictures of our flag collection in situ.  I wouldn't chance my beautiful flags in the Scottish weather so this display seen above in our garden,  is only temporary for the photograph. The flags will be living in my studio from now on. You can read more about this project in an earlier post here and also on the Creative Swaps site itself.

I kept 2 of the flags I made myself and you can see them at each end of the above display and the Radiance one in more detail below. The other 3 flags have been made (from left to right) by: Leslie Sowden (CA, USA), Siri Hauge Opdal (Norway) and Vicki Page (WI, USA).


Lenna Young Andrews said...

ooooh, I love seeing them hanging in your garden Frieda but think it is not a bad idea to bring them into your studio too! They have spread their prayers & wishes with the wind and now can come inside to be admired while you are in your studio. The best of both worlds I'd say! Thank you for sharing them in the link list -yay!

Linda said...

They look so beautiful Frieda! I'm with you tho on bringing the flags in- I take mine in and out depending on the weather. I couldn't bear to see my flags tatter!

Jewels said...

yeah Frieda - just lovely - I swapped with Leslie separately and got one of her as well - they all look wonderful together. J

Joanna said...

Such beautiful flags! I'm not going to keep mine outside wither - someone suggested hanging them by a window so the wishes could still be carried by the breeze when the window was open. I thought that was a lovely idea :)

jan b. said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely display of flags.

Terri said...

Beautiful, each one! They look fabulous hanging out doors. I truly enjoyed this swap and can tell I will be making these flags for a long time yet.


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