Monday, 26 November 2012

The days are getting darker

Just like that we have almost reached the end of November. All of a sudden it seems, the days are getting shorter and darker. I normally like this time of year, and in fact like all the times of year. They all have their own charm. Days like today when it rained non stop are maybe not the most attractive ones but on the plus side it meant a day spend in the studio finishing off all those little projects I fit in around my art making such as making a bag, a pennant and my sketchbook project. All were almost but not quite done and on a day like today I get the urge to call things quid! I'm in a mind to put in that last stitch, sew on that last button and cover my sketchbook pages with acrylic wax. I beavered away in the warm circle of my standing lamp with the heater spreading out warmth as the lamp did light.

No creativity was needed for all these endeavours, just a willingness on my part to show up and do the work! At the end of the day I gave myself a pat on the back and promised myself a reward tomorrow, when I will be allowed to continue work on some exciting (at least to me!) blocks for a new big quilt that will be brought to life when the 52 Journals are done.

I'm sometimes struck by the fact that I have probably never worked as hard in my life in a paying job (and believe me I have work very, very hard at those!) as I labour away today. Were I my own employee I would be done for slave labour. But, and this is a big BUT, this is not work, this is pure, unadulterated pleasure as this is what I feel I was born to achieve.
Only I can make my art! How exhilarating is that! What further motivation could I possible need! And so my days are never dark. They are like the fern leaf pictured above, dark but filled with light and beauty.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

what a wonderful post, Frieda! I so enjoyed reading it and I love the photo as you know : )

Linda said...

Good thoughts to remember. Love the fern leaf, good photo.


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