Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Thistle Pennant

Here are some of the results of yesterday's labours. I finished the pennant for the Thistle Quilters. The idea is that we all make at least one double sided one, following a pattern provided by one of our members. The pennants will then be on display during special events such as our Christmas lunch and summer party. The colours for Thistle Quilters are purple, green and white (as per a thistle!). I used suitable fabrics as you can see and then added applique images of manipulated thistles.
Just in case you're thinking this sounds complicated there is a program designed specially for quilters, that does this for you called Kaleidoscope Kreator which you can find here. Even if you're not a quilter I think it would be worthwhile buying this  for card making, scrapbooking etc. The advantage this program has over other CAD (computer aided design) programs is that it is really user friendly and comes with many pre-designed templates for you to use and before you know it your own photographs end up looking like very complicated kaleidoscopes. Give it a try!
Here you can see that this star shape consists of many triangular segments. And it also shows what my original thistle photo looked like.


peggy gatto said...

Oh I love these! How beautiful to see them all hang together( picture please!) your colors are just me!!!

Terri said...

Really lovely! I adore thistles and their coloring. So your pennant quilt is really beautiful to me : )
I look forward to seeing a pic of all the quilts hanging together.

Linda said...

the kaleidoscope design is really interesting, That would be fun to have. Beautiful banner, what a sight that will be when they are all hanging together.

Jewels said...

Wonderful Frieda, the colours are wonderfu! - one of my "bestist" pals, Carol(an 83 year old blogger!) loves creating kaleidoscope patterns - she is a gifted quilter like you - check her out sometime - http://funoldhag-carol.blogspot.com/

Most of her pics right now are of her second great grandchild LOL...

Linda said...

your pennant is beautiful!!!


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