Saturday, 8 December 2012

Glorious Sunset

For the first time since I joined the Blipfoto site I changed my photograph for the day. Originally I had pictured Troi sleeping in her basket using my iPad for both photography and uploading. It was a lovely picture but I felt in many ways I was cheating as I hadn't really made an effort. It just wasn't my day yesterday, I wasn't even in the mood to be in my studio. Sometimes you have days like that and if it hadn't been so slippery and icy I would have taken the car and gone for an outing to bring myself around to a more positive frame of mind but instead I forced myself to keep on working and by the end of the day I was in a truly bad mood. As one of my fellow blippers mentioned: " I needed a reboot". And I received it at the end of the day in the shape of a astonishing sunset over the field next to us. It looked like the sky and horizon were on fire. I grabbed my camera and caught the few golden moments when this event was at its best. It only lasted for some minutes and I was a bit handicapped by the electricity lines which go diagonally across the field. Above I've made the image long and small thus cropping those lines out.
And here I went for a very low angle so that they didn't get into the picture at all. I loved the juxta positioning of the snow and ice in the foreground and the fire in the distance and in the end decided on that one as my blip with the title: The World on Fire.


Lenna Young Andrews said...

A truly marvelous photo. I am glad you stuck with your intuition and changed your photo, especially since I got to see the one of Troi sleeping in your Blipfolio!

Linda said...

What a show of light-and you caught it! Beautiful photo, just like John's of you and the jewelry.

Linda said...

an incredibly glorious sunset!!! wow!! I love sunrises and sunsets equally but I must admit I see many more sets than rises :):)


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