Saturday, 8 December 2012

I am the Winner

As I mentioned in a previous post I received some wonderful news this week which was even lovelier as it was so unexpected. Way back in October I had filled out a form in the Dumfries & Galloway Life magazine to win a piece of jewellery designed by Sheila Fleet, a Scottish artist who lives in Orkney. The mere fact that I did this means that I absolutely loved the jewellery as normally I don't often bother with such forms. However this had all slipped my mind completely in the intervening period. So I was completely taken aback when I received a phone call from  Andrea Thomson, the Commissioning Editor of the magazine, to let me know I was the winner. And today the  Flagstone pendant arrived from the sponsors of the competition Scottish Designer Jewellery.
As you can see in the above photograph (also my blip for today!) Sheila Fleet's jewellery is inspired by where she lives in Orkney. This is what she says in the leaflet enclosed in the box the pendant came in: "born from my love of the sensational natural rock shorelines that once linked Orkney and Caithness". I fell in love with this pendant as soon as I saw it pictured for the competition and seeing it in real life I love it even more! It speaks to me on a deep level and is also a symbol for me of my adopted homeland Scotland.

Of course a picture had to be taken of me wearing the necklace to send to both the magazine and  Scottish Designer Jewellery who sponsored the competition and provided the necklace and you can see it above. Poor John was tasked with this undertaking and he was very patient and took many pictures till I was sort of satisfied with the end result. As most of my regular blog readers know I far prefer to be behind the camera myself instead of in front of it!

I will treasure this beautiful necklace and look forward to wearing it!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear Frieda, how wonderful for you that you have won this beautiful necklace made by a Scottish designer that is so close to your heart! And how doubly wonderful as the winner they asked for a photo of you wearing it. You & I have corresponded a long time, maybe 8 years? And while of course I have seen photos of you, not a lot as you are generally more comfortable behind the camera as you said. To see a lovely, close up photo of you, where your spirit is shining through, that looks just like you but in larger detail than seen before, is simply so wonderful for me, your across the way friend!!!!!!!
Thank you for sharing.
p.s. the necklace looks like it was made for you -it is perfection!!! Love & hugs, lenna

Jewels said...

wow Frieda - well I can't think of anyone better to receive such a lovely piece of jewelry - Congratulations (and your pic is very nice as well - don't we all hate getting our picture taken LOL)

peggy gatto said...

what a stunning piece, congratulations!
You also WON an ornament from my giveaway and I need your address please!

Linda said...

Congratualstions! It's a beautiful piece and I'm sure no one would value the piece more than you. She found a great home for her jewelry. And you won an ornament-a week to celebrate.

Linda said...

thank you to John for the lovely photo!! What a real pleasure to see your shining self Frieda! Congrats on winning that gorgeous necklace-it was certainly meant for you!!

Anonymous said...

How exciting - and beautiful. Congratulations.

Sue Bartlett said...

It is a beautiful piece Frieda, you are very lucky. Your post reminded me that I have some of Sheila's jewellery tucked away - I must get it out and use it. Perhaps I will even treat myself to one of her more recent designs as I love everything she designs.

Paula Gibson said...

Thank you Frieda and friends for the lovely comments and we are so glad your pendant arrived safe and well with you. Sheila Fleet's designs are wonderful, inspired by her surroundings in Orkney. All our products are Made in Scotland from many well known Scottish designers and some new and up and coming designers too ...
Thank you to Dumfries and Galloway Life Magazine too for hosting this competition and on picking such a worthy winner :)
Paula (Scottish Designer, Castle Douglas)


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