Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Sketchbook Project final pages

The Sketchbook Project 2013 sketchbook has now gone postal so that it will hopefully reach the Brooklyn Art Library in time to participate in the project. You can see the previous spreads on my two earlier posts here and here. Above is one of my favourite spreads in the sketchbook, featuring on the right hand page photos I took in Crichton Castle this summer.
At the top right is another of my haiku, written on the theme of Time.
And here I've used a quotation that expresses my feeling about time very well.
I couldn't help myself and added a few vintage postage stamps to this sketchbook too as I have done to all the sketchbooks I've done for the Sketchbook Project.
The haiku on this page reads:
The slow dance of Time
Around and around we go
we beat the seconds!
Another favourite in the sketchbook. The haiku here is spread out over the two pages and reads:

A bud, rose, then hip
only time will find it out
We just stand and stare
This spread named Toujours (forever in French) has the following haiku:

Time is a Goddess
but we don't have to obey
Let's dance the time away
The final page (on the right hand side is the other side of the back cover) and another favourite, mainly due to the fact that I love both the colours and the sunflowers. It's also one of my favourite haiku that I wrote for this project:

Where is the future?
That land still untouched by time
When will we get there?

If you want to see this entire sketchbook digitized you will be able to find it here together with my sketchbooks and other projects done previously

PS There were some problems with the links for the Sketchbook Project in this and previous posts. This is because they moved to a new server and someone bought up their previous web address. I have adjusted the links in this post and will do so for the most recent postings here too but if you're on older posts you will find the links no longer work. If you want to go to the new website for the Sketchbook Project you need to go here:


Lenna Young Andrews said...

dear frieda, I love seeing the painted and decorated pages of your sketchbook on a subject near & dear to you! Seeing your book is inspiration to me to FIND MINE (!) still in a box and perhaps finish it by January 15th!

I really like seeing you pour your thoughts and paint onto the pages! p.s. thanks for your email, so enjoyed!!! xo

Linda said...

what fun it is going thru some of your pages Frieda! I love how you decorated each, and well, your haikus are beautiful!


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