Tuesday, 18 December 2012

More Transience pages

Following on from my previous post on the subject here are some more pages in my Sketchbook Project for 2013 with the combined themes of Photolog and Transience. The sketchbook also has many haiku written by me on the subject of Time.
The whole sketchbook has been worked at in stages, starting with the painting of the pages as seen above which was done back in the summer.

The 3 pictures on the left were taken in Penicuik graveyard and the one on the right in St. Margaret's Chapel at Edinburgh Castle.
This spread includes transparencies of photographs taken in graveyards as well as a polaroid flower picture, that has been distressed slightly.
Above the painted background of the spread below.
And here the finished pages with additional stamping, doodling and text which reads as follows:
Where does time go when it doesn't rule our lives?
These pages feature 2 haiku as well as a transparency and garden photographs.

The final spreads will be coming up soon as it's high time to send this sketchbook on it's way back to the Brooklyn Art Library! Once there this sketchbook like all my previous ones there will be digitized and you will be able to find the pictures here.

1 comment:

Linda said...

I like seeing the graveyard art in your sketch book. Reminds us of time and it's great art. I also like the subject and the poetry on the very light and cheerful backgrounds. Might be too heavy but instead adds contrast to the subject. Beautiful book.


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