Saturday, 15 December 2012

Yoyo bag

Today was the Christmas party for the Thistle Quilters and for once I didn't have to worry about the weather and whether or not I would be able to make it to Edinburgh because after the recent cold and icy spell the weather has taken a turn for the better. It's much milder (although also wetter) and I was even able to wear a dress (a very rare event) and beautify it with my gorgeous new pendant.

As part of our celebrations we had a silent auction where members made bags and other members were able to write down how much they would like to pay and the highest bid got the bag. There were lots of them, all gorgeous, and I went with one bag and came home with two!

The pictures above show the bag I made. It started with a Debbie Bliss knitting pattern and wool and after knitting it up I felted it in the washing machine. Then I made lots and lots of yoyos (or suffolk puffs as they are also known) in different sizes,  and sewed them on as shown with a vintage button to hold each one down. I'm happy to say it went to a very good home!

Then we had a very tasty Christmas lunch (we all brought different dishes) but the biggest treat of the day for me came during my drive home. As I made my way down the A702 I could see the sky turning ever more beautiful but this is not a road on which you can come to a sudden stop. So I was hoping with all my heart that the sky would still be wonderful by the time I turned into our country lane where there is so little traffic that you can just come to a stop in the middle of it. I did and grabbed my camera and took several pictures of which the above one was my absolute favourite as it shows the sun hiding behind those dark clouds. This became my blip for today. It had to, as the pictures of the bag that you see above weren't taken today but when I finished it about a week ago. So they didn't qualify for the Blipfoto site where you can only upload pictures to the day they were taken.


Georgina said...

That is such a very pretty bag Frieda - and I am so glad you got to wear a dress! Those magic moments are so precious aren't they, when this beautiful planet captures our attention and say's look at me!
Here in Wales we had a crisp and frosty week, followed by rain onto the cold ground that made for a glacial surface - but now we are back to mud!

Linda said...

The bag is so cheerful, can't help but brighten a winter day. The photo of the sky is very interesting, enjoy the photos. Don't know how you keep track and take a picture everyday.


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