Monday, 17 December 2012

Lost in Fog

Some days it's SO difficult to decide which photograph to blip and it's at those times that having this blog as well comes in very handy as here I can show more than one picture. Today I only took 2 so you would have thought it couldn't be that difficult. But it was! They were both taken in our little lane on the way home from a Christmas shopping expedition (yak, bah humbug, I hate shopping!). The fog was setting in fast although there were still spots of clear sky to be seen. The picture above (my eventually blip choice) was taken at the full extent of zoom which made the resolution low but as there is not much colour anyway I didn't mind. It made me think of Japanese wood cuts and I loved the subtle haziness.
This was the other photograph and you can see exactly where I zoomed in for the picture above. John liked this one better because of the tree at the left and the tractor trails in the field. So here they are and you can make your own choice!


Helen Cowans said...

Top one :)

theresa martin said...

They are both lovely. The second one looks like a painting. Beautiful!

Linda said...

I like the bottom one the best. But both are great photos. I didn't know you could photograph in fog. Beautiful. I hate shopping of any kind except fabrics and crafts.

Linda said...

we've been socked in with a lot of fog and dark dreary weather off and on the last week. Hopefully we'll see the sun soon. I do like the mysteriousness of a landscape during te fog tho. I like both photos but I'm with John- I too love the tree at the left.


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