Thursday, 21 February 2013

Amaryllis Again

I wanted to share with you the difference between my amaryllis photos on the blog post yesterday and the ones here. The Instagram pictures are mainly taken in the evening when the lights are on. I used my iPad to take them,  and then I played extensively with them, upping the contrast, adding all kinds of special effects and generally playing in a variety of photo apps and programs till I achieved something I liked and then posted to Instagram. 
The photos on this post were taken with my Canon Powershot SX50 using the macro setting and the only thing I've done with some of them is up the contrast ever so slightly to compensate for the daylight conditions. Some of these have become my daily blips. The picture at the top is the one for today.

I love both processes so this is not a Which is Better? They both fulfil a need in me. I want to document my daily life in pictures on Blip (the pictures in this post) but I also want to transform pictures into something more. Some might reach art levels but mostly I'm simply trying to achieve something mysterious and beautiful and more than a representation. You could say that in the Instagram pictures I'm adding a bit of myself.

Although of course selecting that daily blip photograph, framing it, deciding which settings to use on the camera and selecting the exact detail is also me becoming part of the picture. As I once said on a small Artist Trading Card: "My art is me, and I am my art".


Linda said...

The very close photos are always interesting. They can make the same subject/object appear so different. Especially like the second photo. Very nice Frieda.

Linda said...

well said Frieda! I love how you're able to capture and the "art up' some of your photos-they're all gorgeous!


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