Monday, 11 February 2013

It's still winter

Sitting in my studio this morning and sewing merrily away (I'm really in a very productive phase) the sun was shining in and it felt like a very spring like day. But that impression only lasted till I took my camera and went outside to hunt for snowdrops. The wind felt like it went straight through me. Brrrrrrrr. Any thoughts I had been harbouring about going for a walk were abandoned and I stayed just long enough to find the only clump of snowdrops to be seen in our garden. In my eagerness to capture as much detail of one flower as possible I kneeled down to get up close and personal and paid the prize in cold, wet leggings! But the result was worth it. However as soon as that was done I retreated back to the studio to resume my stitching and accepted that a bit of sunshine not a Spring makes yet. 

I should have know as only yesterday I took the above picture of a snowy landscape close to the West Linton Golf Club where a solitary walker unknowingly did me a huge favour by providing a great focal point for the photograph. The snow fell yesterday morning but was gone by late afternoon. But it should have told me that winter is still here and capable of having quite a cold sting in it's tail.


Linda said...

Bad weather has hit us and we've been snowed in for almost 2 days. No internet for most of that time. But I did get on and able to see your photos. Both are very nice, nice to see a flower and know it won't be too long-I hope.

theresa martin said...

It may still be winter, but I love the first snowdrops. Spring is coming.

Linda said...

Yes, winter is still with us too and one "warmer" sunny day does not a Spring make :) Still, we know it can't be far away when we see the snowdrops peeking thru the cold ground and here much more chatter and song amongst the birds :). Great photos!


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