Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Snow Angels

The weather forecast had predicted snow and it duly fell. By the bucket load. It seemed innocent enough. A gentle drift downwards but it had already been going on for quite some time when we awoke and it continued going. I had a dentist appointment and decided that was important enough to set out on my journey to Penicuik. Only 8 miles but they seemed to take forever today. I had hoped that when I slithered out our little lane things would improve on the main roads. But that proved to be a mistake and doing about 30 miles per hour and relying on my winter tires I eventually made it to Peniuik. With time to spare to pay a visit to the snowy graveyard. That was part of the attraction of going. I had heard the siren song of snowy gravestones in my head.
And I wasn't disappointed. These triumphant angels were playing their trumpets heralding the day of the Resurrection.
 And this beautiful snow angel (a winged soul) looked beautiful adorned with a snowy mantle.
Even this little burial aisle that is falling into ever more disrepair looks so much lovelier with a snowy covering.

The snow is not supposed to lie and will hopefully turn to rain later on today but I still had to get back first which I just about managed but I reckon I was lucky not to be later. In the lane drifting has occurred and there were several corners where the snow was already quite high and when I arrived at our gate it was good to see John with a snow shovel in his hand clearing our drive so I could just about park the car there. But at least I had my blip as well as clean teeth (I was seeing the dental hygienist).

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Linda said...

Beautiful photos. Wonderful way to make an appointment and driving in bad weather less stressful.


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