Monday, 4 March 2013

Art Exchange

Many people who know me well are also aware that my studio is a veritable treasure trove of goodies and whatever you're looking for in the way of supplies it's a fair bet that somewhere I will have something that suits. The reason I have so much (quite apart from my magpie tendencies!) is that when I'm in the creative zone I don't want to stop in order to go somewhere and buy the supplies I need for that particular piece. Living in the country as we do that usually means a day excursion and I lose the flow! Instead I buy stuff that I love whenever I see it anywhere or alternatively buy during late night online shopping expeditions. But making sometimes very large quilts means that even my supplies occasionally do get depleted. One supply that I can never get enough of is that of small, white, vintage buttons and recently I even moaned on this blog about just how fast they seem to disappear into art.

One of my regular blog readers, Jewels, contacted me by e-mail to tell me that she has a large stash of them and offered to swap some of them for a piece of my art. And here is the piece in question. It's called the Bird Inchie quiltie for obvious reasons! The imagery on this little quiltie comes from Alphastamps and the inchies were made using my fabric paper collage method. If you are interested in how that is done, just click on the fabric paper collage label below and the oldest post there will explain it step by step.

In exchange I received a gorgeous package from Jewels filled with beautiful vintage buttons and other goodies. Yummy! Only problem is they are so lovely that I will be saving them for that extra special project I'll make one of these days! You can read more about this and see more pictures on Jewels' blog post here.


Linda said...

Just went to Jewel's blog before commenting here. What a really lovely exchange Frieda. I know Jewels will treasure this beautiful quilt as I treasure all the art I've been lucky to receive from you!

theresa martin said...

haha. Saving them! I know the feeling. I do the same thing. I will keep my eye out for you. Sometimes I find jars of white vintage buttons in flea markets here.
Lovely inch quilt too.

Linda said...

Still feel lucky to have the gluebook page you created for the gluebook swap. Beautiful little quilt. Really like the idea of the patterned inchies on the patterned background. Good swap for both of you.

Jenny said...

I am sorry if I appear dim but I could not find your 'Fabric Paper Collage' link. The label didn't show it nor does the listing at the side. Can you point me in the right direction?



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