Sunday, 3 March 2013

Kailzie Gardens Snowdrop Festival

The day was a lot greyer than the rest of the week has been but we didn't want to be too late to miss the snowdrop display at Kailzie Gardens so we made our way there and we weren't disappointed. I seem to have developed a taste for reflection and the little pond didn't disappoint with it's perfect rendition in the water of the hills beyond.

 But the main feature were the snowdrops, great drifts of them, and all in full bloom. Such dainty little beauties in themselves but en masse they throw a real punch in visual impact.
A bit of a shame the light was quite subdued so the day was rendered in greytones but even so, it was a joy to see
The walled garden was closed for winter but instead we enjoyed this walk through the trees. We will no doubt be back at this garden at various times during the spring and summer and if I remember I'll try and catch this walk in the various stages of greenness. Today brown had the upper hand.
 We discovered a clump of winter aconites which provided a bright splash of yellow in among all the white snowdrops.
There is water everywhere in the garden and the sound of it enhances the visual beauty all around.


Jewels said...

Oh my Frieda - what a lovely sight to see all those snow drops. Lucky you :)...

Linda said...

The little yellow flowers are brave to bloom in amongst the beautiful white carpet. Beautiful photos, much enjoyed.

theresa martin said...

Breathtaking beautiful. Love the Snowdrops.


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